Meet Mister Manicure

Clown Coffee finally sent an email to Newer Guy on Monday, basically addressing the whole superfoul issue of NG’s clipping his nails in his cubicle. All in all, the email was actually quite diplomatic and polite, saying something to the effect of “I don’t know if you know this, but I can hear you using your nail clippers in your cubicle, and it’s distracting. I thought I would let you know, just as I hope you would let me know if I ever did something that distracted you.”

We’d had a couple quiet days around here, but lo and behold, clip clip clip came this morning’s drums of doom (where drums here are nail clippers). Seriously, though, NG, I mean, you GOT AN EMAIL, which is basically a glaring bright red warning sign that EVERYONE HAS BEEN TALKING ABOUT YOU BEHIND YOUR BACK, so CUT IT THE FUCK OUT.

Well, Newer Guy, guess what, you just earned yourself a new emasculating nickname. Mister Manicure. I hope you like it, fuckwad.

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