UPDATE: Raul Bental Is NOT the Silver Dragon

Thank you for your overwhelming outpouring of love, support, and potential Silver Dragon sightings. Remember, we will follow any lead, no matter how thin or dubious, so keep them coming. However, this man, Raul Bental, is not the Silver Dragon. While we completely understand how so many of you have gotten the two confused, we’ve sent a […]

Have You Seen the Silver Dragon?

With the never-ending media attention focused on the Natalee Holloway case, it’s easy to forget how many other missing people there are in the world. People go missing every day without the kind of international coverage the Holloway case has received. But their lives are no less valuable than Ms. Holloway’s. That is why we […]

NEWSBRIEF: Mummified Remains Received at CC Laboratories. Identity Unknown.

Before the rumors start circulating on the internet, let us answer a few questions. 1. Yes, the mummified remains of an unknown person who may or may not be the Silver Dragon were received at the corporate-casual laboratories this afternoon.  2. No, there is no conclusive evidence one way or the other on the identity of the mummified remains. […]

Meeting Your Enemies in Battle.

Simple instructions for how defeat a variety of your enemies in battle. Ninja: It is a little known secret that the ninja has one fatal weakness: tortilla chips. When faced with a fresh bag of tortilla chips (better: a basket of home-fried tortilla chips) the ninja’s debilitating karate skills evaporate like the way water evaporates […]